How Much Sex Does The Average American Have?

Americans might be curious about how other people deal with their sex life. They might be thinking about how often does one has sex throughout their active life. Some studies would tell you and you’ll get surprised that it has been a normal activity to do so among adults.

Sex and Benefits

Sex is one thing that gives pleasure to adults. The frequency of sex depends on each person and there’s no telling how frequent it is. No one would pinpoint how many times per day, week, month, or year since not all can be as open and telling their sex life stories to anyone. Though talking about numbers, numerous benefits of active sex life might make you think seriously about it.

  • Boosts immune system
  • Boosts your libido
  • Improves bladder control in women
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Counts as an exercise, burn calories
  • It may help reduce the risk of prostate cancer
  • Improve sleep
  • Stress reliever
  • Strengthens well-being
  • Look younger and live longer

How Frequent Americans Have Sex

Surveys had been conducted to know the frequency of sex of Americans. It is stated that the usual times they have sex would be 54 times a year, it is like once a week. The frequency can also be affected by factors such as age, relationship status, or lifestyle. Now let’s go through the numbers projected by the Archives of Sexual Behaviors’ report from the survey they conducted.

It is surprisingly high for unmarried couples but living under the same roof to get the highest number of times they have sex in an entire year. It is recorded to be 86 times, beating the record of married couples 50 times a year. Those partners living separately also took the lead of having 75 times a year while the single ones have 33 times per year. The average number says that Americans tend to have sex once or twice a week.

Now age, yes, age plays a vital role in everyone’s sex life. Since it’s labeled to be an exercise, stamina is sure needed to have sex. The older you get, the lesser sex you can do and it’s depicted on the survey reports. For ages 18 to 39, they have recorded 78 times a year while it’s only 25 times a year for ages 60 and above.

Now, you get what this means. Factors play some role in everything, and sex is not an exception. Thinking sex would be this important, studies are continuously being conducted to make people aware of the recent trend not just among Americans, but among all races.