Founded April 2, 1889, our purpose is to keep alive the memory of
men and women who fought or gave service for Independence in the American Revolutionary War.

Patriot List

Isaiah Adkins - served the Connecticut Line for 6 years

Rev. Ebenezer Baldwin - a patriotic preacher.

John Barker, M.D. - citizen, patriot, doctor

Israel Bissel - alerted colonists of the British attack at Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775.

General Henry Champion - a brave and efficient officer

Col. William Douglas - colonel of New Haven Regiment.

Oliver Ellsworth - Jurist, Statesman and Naturalist

Capt. John Gilbert - killed during the Battle of New Haven

Daniel Griswold - one of Knowlton's Rangers.

Capt. Nathan Hale - the man with only one regret.

Capt. Nathan Hale - 2nd version

Capt. Nathan Hale - 3rd version

Capt. Nathan Hale - scholarly report on Nathan Hale

Cmdr. David Hawley - whaleboat warfare on the sound.

Joseph Cogner - Private in Captain William Hubbell's Company

Gen. David Humphreys - aide to Gen. George Washington.

Gov. Samuel Huntington - the first president of the Continental Congress.

Gov. Samuel Huntington - Signer of the Declaration of Independence

Ezekiel Jacobs - Common Patriot

William Samuel Johnson - A lawyer who initiated new professional standards in legal practice

Col. Thomas Knowlton - Connecticut's Forgotten Hero

Pvt. James Little - a soldier at Fort Lee, Fort Washington, British Prison Ships and the Danbury Alarm.

Capt. Matthew Mead - served under Putnam for the battle of New York.

Bethuel Newcomb - a soldier at Bunker Hill.

Thomas Paine - influence on the American Revolution.

James Palmer - Revolutionary War Soldier and Sailor sailed with John Paul Jones.

1st Lt David Perry - a soldier in the French & Indian War and Rev War.

Gen. Israel Putnam - one of the principal commanders at the battle of Bunker Hill and Breed's Hill.

Paul Revere - warned the troops for the start of the war.

Roger Sherman - the only man to sign all four founding articles.

Roger Sherman - One of the most remarkable men of the Revolution

Gen. Gold Selleck Silliman - fought in the battle of New York.

Joseph Spencer - Major-General of the Continental Troops

Elijah and Marauchie Sperry- History of the Patriot

Abel Spicer - fighting for the cause of liberty.

Capt. Abner Stocking - fought in Boston and Quebec.

Capt. Stephen Stow - 200 Invisible Men: Tyranny on the Sound!

James Taylor - sergeant in Massachusetts regiments

Thomas Taylor - sergeant in Massachusetts regiments

Jonathan Trumbull - Connecticut Governor

Jonathan Trumbull, Jr. - An uncompromising exponent of Federalism

Seth Warner - A Family History Epic

Col. Jeremiah Wadsworth - deputy commissary-general for the Colonies.

Jonathan Wadsworth - fought in the Battle of Saratoga

William Williams - Signer of the Declaration of Independence

Gov. Oliver Wolcott, Sr. - Congressman during the war.

Gov. Oliver Wolcott, Sr - Signer of the Declaration of Independence