Can You Take Your Sex Doll With You On A Trip?

For sex doll owners, one of the biggest concerns would be how to bring their dolls around when they want to travel. Many owners would want to keep their dolls safe and covered from the public eye. Having vacations is something that a lot of people would want to have once in a while.

The good news is that TSA regulations do allow passengers to carry adult toys. There are portable sex dolls that owners can bring with them on their trips. TSA allows adult toys to be in transport if they can be kept in checked bags and carry-on bags. But are there other ways to keep these toys even more secure?

How to Pack up Your Adult Toys When on a Trip

How can you bring your portable sex dolls inconspicuously? One good tip is to keep your dolls clean and safe when you’re on your trip. You never know when some officers will open up your bags and check what you have in there. If your doll has a bag that you can place them in, then do so.

Make sure that your dolls are well wrapped to help keep them away from curious stares. If you don’t have an available bag, then you can always go and look for bags to buy before you embark on your trip. Make sure that the wrapping you put your dolls in should not react negatively with the material.

Portability is also important when traveling. Of course, bringing your full-sized dolls can be a bit problematic especially when you want to travel light. This is why choosing to get a portable version would make your trip easier. Try to check from adult shops if they have portable versions of the dolls that you have.

Another thing to note is to plan ahead of time. Take note of what your doll needs for your trip. You can buy additional bags or carriers to help keep the doll in place while you travel. You should also think about bringing cleaning items or maintenance items that can help clean your dolls while on the trip.

Being More Discreet When Traveling

Nothing can be better than being discreet with your adult toys. You don’t need to look suspicious while you travel. Be calm and collected. Remember that it’s only you who knows that you have your dolls in your baggage. When officers check your bags, be upfront and honest about your baggage as this helps eases any awkward situations later on.